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Speak Out. Even if Your Voice Trembles

October 14, 2023 by The Peoples Duchess

Nearly four years ago, Prince Harry made the consequential decision to step away from royal life and duties and embark on an independent life for himself and his family. As the frenzy ensued, I couldn't help but wonder why. While it may have come as a shock to many, to many yet, it was history sadly repeating itself.

It wasn't that long ago that Harry's mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, announced she too would be stepping away from royal duty and public life along with it. Both notifications stunned the world, but came as no shock to anyone able to put two and two together.

Prior to Diana's passing she was excoriated in the press, one particularly low brow rota advising the late princess to shut up; recounting what could only have been brutally painful details of the icy relationship between Diana and her mother in the process.

Fast forward to today. Not only had the writings been on the wall for literal years before the Sussexes stepped away, but the whole world watched as a lie against the Duchess of Sussex nearly cost her her life and that of her unborn child, in addition to the brutality of her treatment by her in-laws cost her her second child.

The conversation is robust, challenging and ongoing, but thankfully it is taking place. The treatment of the Duchess of Sussex, regardless whether or not you feel that treatment existed, literally caused them to have to flee.

Opinions about the voracity of their claims come secondary to the fact that they had to act on them. Like Diana, they also felt no other option than to leave a reality that caused them such emotional stress that they could not fathom being functioning, healthy adults in that space.

In this moment, can we all just reflect, first? You're at your job. You are unable to do your job because of insubordination from direct reports, zero assistance from management and HR, and then throw in a bonus element of people close to your staff who are literally paid to make up random stories to make you look bad to the public.

Meanwhile Meghan once said "I don't want to compete with anyone. I hope we all make it."

It's not surprising that they left. You are not surprised. This has happened before and the British media and royal family are enacting the exact same playbook to deal with dissent, rather than having learned the valuable lesson Diana's story has to offer us all.

Existing in the world is navigating a daily labyrinth of challenges, adversity, and uncertainty.

As the societal pendulum swings into post-Covid recovery, a lingering cloud of uncertainty looms, with scientists tirelessly work to study and categorize the long-term complications of the virus. In the midst of this medical enigma, economic pressures mount with inflation making the cost of living soar. Homes, once a symbol of stability and security, have become increasingly unattainable for many, leaving people struggling to secure a place to call their own.

The earth buckles with the ever-more evident manifestations of environmental issues. Devastating natural disasters, from wildfires to hurricanes, underscore the urgency of climate change. In this interconnected web of crises, it becomes evident that our existence on this planet has become precarious, demanding thoughtful and collective action.

Nations are at war, and the voices of innocents cry out as brutality reigns above them.

Amidst these trying times, it's crucial to recognize that kindness and compassion are not hollow platitudes to be casually tossed into our social media bios.

Kindness and empathy are not disposable accessories. They are the very foundation on which we must do better.

It seems to me society has become overwhelmingly two-faced. As I read data regarding bot and troll accounts and the research on the pathology of people who engage in this behavior, I've come to understand that many live double lives. The hateful but deeply enjoyed online troll persona and real-world behavior. In increasing instances, though, those lines are blurred and the online personas are emboldened to fearlessly troll others in real life.

It's time to transcend the superficial hashtags and either challenge yourself to actually be kind or at the very minimum stop attempting to appear human. Throwing a Bible quote in a bio or sharing an inspirational message is a start, but it is the actions that follow that truly define the impact we can have. Kindness should extend beyond words. Kindness is action. A comforting stroke of the hair, a meal purchased and given to a homeless mother, and compassion extended to those fleeing for their lives, whether from war or for your mental health and quality of life.

Let's bridges of empathy. Let's extend helping hands, and live our lives with a genuine commitment to creating a better, more compassionate world. History will sadly continue to repeat itself until we stop collectively faking it and actually make it.

2023 By The People's Duchess

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