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A Successful Sussex September

Updated: Oct 6

By The People's Duchess September 30, 2023

In the realm of celebrity and high-profile personalities, there exists a unique brand of luxury, one defined not by ostentation but by its quiet grace. It is the kind of luxury that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and wife Meghan, have mastered over time. Their outings, though rare, have been so worthwhile this September, culminating in a carefully cultivated, and elevated, buzz around the pair. This intriguing balance of presence and absence pairs beautifully with their newfound freedom and autonomy, and frankly, we love to see it.

The Duke and Duchess of stealth have also mastered traveling incognito. Not having your every move leaked by a feral press makes for super smooth travel along with the safety and control of ones self regained in the process. It's a dance Harry and Meghan execute with precision—a symphony of controlled visibility that keeps rabid rota making glaring blunders when it comes to accurately reporting on their whereabouts (ie Chris Ship erroneously reporting that Harry had gone immediately to Düsseldorf after the Wellchild awards when he spent the night in London and visited his dearly departed Nan's grave the following morning before popping over to Germany for the Games).

The last several months have seen the Royal Court of Montecito firmly established in the West. From Archewell to their many high level partnerships, awards, and projects, the Sussexes have arrived as a tour-de-force in television and news production, silicon valley and beyond. Their famously strong work ethic and admirable results once achieved on the other side of the Atlantic is now being spread far and wide to help people globally.

Freed of the 23,000 Meghan-only protocols and restrictions designed to hobble their natural ability to shine and lead, Harry and Meghan have scaled their altruism globally to critical acclaim, (there are loud whispers that the next round may include a Nobel or congressional medal for the dynamic duo).

And while they work hard, they still know how to get down. Literally! Sussex September saw team Sussex letting their hair down at the Los Angeles leg of Beyonce's record-breaking Renaissance tour, Prince Harry hanging out to see Lionel Messi at the LA/Miami game, the good looking parents to Archie and Lilibet hitting the town with friends for Meghan's low key birthday celebration, and of course, the Invictus Games and Heart of Invictus documentary.

A critical detail to the Sussex's strategy for stealth is their ability to delegate. You can tell the Sussexes are in charge, no ghostwriters needed. In Montecito House there are no superfluous outings or random zoom calls. No need to capitulate to anyone for any reason, at any time. Come as you are and be kind. And although the Sussexes don't have an official social media channel restored, the streets say the @Meghan handle on Instagram is the Duchess herself. Guess we'll have to wait and see! If anything I predict she's just waiting on an updated version of Instagram they're working on for her where bots and hateful accounts are auto-filtered out or something.

While they're definitely a fun couple, the Sussexes do not rest on the laurels of privilege. They helm complex projects that showcase their business intelligence, leadership, and dedication to meaningful causes like mental health, family leave, and women's empowerment.

Last week, Archewell updated their site with the partnership with GEANCo and Shay Mitchell's Beis company to donate beautiful, durable school bags filled with essential period and school supplies to school girls in Nigeria. This initiative is an extension of the dedication to girls education shared by the Sussexes and particularly Meghan's long standing work to end period poverty and gender inequity.

Gotta love how the Duchess pays homage to her roots. The most refreshing part of it all is they want you to come along. I'm often reminded of one of Meghan's pre-duchess posts on The Tig: "I'm not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all win." Still very much a mantra of hers and Harry's as well. Underneath the helpful altruism are two smart working, dedicated public servants and how nice is it that they're also just two normal people who want to do good with the platform they have.

But even dedicated public servants have to rest. Harry and Meghan value the time they share making memories, doting on their kids and dogs, and minding their billion dollar business. This winter, let's hope they prioritize spending quality time with friends and family, making more home movies, and of course, tending to Archie's Chick Inn.

In following their remarkable journey there's of course the stark reminder that the world that can often be loud, radical and straight up mean place, if we're being honest.

There's a national conversation that needs to be had, openly and honestly, about the causes of the kind of continuous, boilerplate anger that makes people go online or in person, and harass random strangers. While this is certainly a nuanced conversation, all I'm saying is it needs to be had on a much larger, public scale.

I appreciate the spotlight Prince Harry and Meghan have shone on the mental health conversation because it is something everyone struggles with at some point, and most people all the time. Going online purely to direct hate every which way but Christian is a breathtakingly sinister daily plot. We may all have an Evil Ren side but my goodness. Get some help. Unironically. Get. Help. It's never ever too late to get help.

Prince Harry and Meghan understand that empathy is leadership. The community they have with millions of veterans and their families is a lifelong, life-saving mental health partnership between BetterUp and the Invictus athletes. The Games serve a tangible benefit, causing a ripple and giving a large portion of society tools to cope and be better functioning people.

Absent of this type of open, honest dialogue about mental health, the conversations not being had threaten to turn the online landscape into an all-out wild fire.

But with Prince Harry, et. al's landmark privacy cases against the British tabloids (that shall not be named) set to take place in the upcoming months, and initiatives like Trisha Prabhu's ReThink Citizens challenging dangerous, bullying behaviors online kicking into effect, we hold fast to the shared belief that love always wins.

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